Is a non profit organization that provides dedicated, experienced support for women facing breast and ovarian cancers and their caregivers. All of our supportive services are provided by survivors and caregivers who’ve been there.


SHARE was founded in 1976, when breast specialist Dr. Eugene Thiessen brought breast cancer patients and survivors together to support one another. Twelve women showed up, and SHARE was born. Today, SHARE touches tens of thousands of people annually through our Helpline, support groups, educational programs, webinars, outreach and advocacy initiatives, and online and print materials.


In addition to supportive services, SHARE offers informative programming to educate patients, survivors, and the general public about breast and ovarian cancers, empowering people to take control of their health. Our educational programs and webinars are presented by doctors, health practitioners, and researchers in the breast and ovarian cancer fields.


With the understanding that breast and ovarian cancers affect people of all ages, races, and backgrounds, SHARE’s services are designed to reach women and men in diverse circumstances with culturally appropriate support. Our LatinaSHARE program has been providing supportive and educational services to Spanish-speaking women for 21 years, and our Helpline is available in 15 languages.


SHARE’s programs include the following:


Support Groups

SHARE offers over 30 support groups that meet in person in the New York City area, as well as telephone and videoconference groups for women affected by breast and ovarian cancers and their caregivers, with groups for young women, women in ongoing treatment, women living with metastatic disease, caregivers, African-American women, and more. Groups are led by trained facilitators who are breast and ovarian cancer survivors and are conducted in English, Spanish, and Japanese.


Helpline: 844.ASK.SHARE

SHARE’s Helpline is answered by breast and ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers specially trained to offer support. Support is available in 15 languages and can range from a single phone call to an ongoing connection throughout treatment and into post-treatment.


Educational Programs & Webinars

SHARE hosts over 100 educational programs and webinars each year, presented by doctors, healthcare practitioners, and researchers in the fields of breast and ovarian cancers.



LatinaSHARE annually serves over 2,000 Spanish-speaking women and their families with support groups, helpline assistance, and educational programs all in Spanish.


SHARE Ambassadors

Over 9,500 people in underserved Latino and African-American communities learn about risks, risk factors, symptoms, and treatments for breast and ovarian cancers through SHARE Ambassadors, who distribute information and conduct presentations at clinics, churches, health fairs, consulates, and community-based organizations.


Pink & Teal Seminars in the Corporate Workplace

Breast and ovarian cancer survivors conduct seminars in corporate workplaces about risks, symptoms and treatments, helping to dispel myths, reduce fear, and motivate employees to take control of their health.


Survivor Patient Navigator

Bilingual breast cancer survivors specially trained to offer support help women in breast clinics at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt and Bellevue Hospitals to cope with their breast cancer diagnosis, to communicate more effectively with their doctors, and to consider options for treatment.


Monthly Newsletter

SHARE distributes a monthly newsletter with information about its programs and topics of interest to approximately 7,000 individuals.


SHARE Website

At, we post information about our services, as well as personal stories from people facing breast and ovarian cancers and a blog about topics of interest to the breast and ovarian cancer communities.

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